Beloved Plum Blossom LWP

A Beloved Plum Blossom Live Wallpaper for you to celebrate this Happy New Year.

Beloved Plum Blossom Live Wallpaper with beautiful and interactive plum blossom falling down slowly. This wallpaper is even included with a lunar date and changeable poetry.

You can customize the falling speed, density, poetry, font, interaction and many more other customization!

This is a free live wallpaper with lots of customization, so we decided to use advertisement. Please support us, if you love it, please rate it.

Wish you all have a Happy New Year and enjoy the Chinese plum blossom poetry below:

林逋 – 山園小梅
Lin Bu – Little Plum Blossom of Hill Garden

When everything has faded they alone shine forth, encroaching on the charms of smaller gardens.
Their scattered shadows fall lightly on clear water, their subtle scent pervades the moonlit dusk.
Snowbirds look again before they land, butterflies would faint if they but knew.
Thankfully I can flirt in whispered verse, I don’t need a sounding board or winecup.

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