Beautiful Sky Free

Beautiful Sky Free Live Wallpaper
Beautiful Sky Free 7
A Live Wallpaper displaying a beautiful scenario. Two lovers watching the sklyline with beautiful romantic moonlight.
The moon and coulds travel trough the sky.Beautifull Sky Free is a work of art. It depicts a couple of young lovers, sitting on a bench , looking at a very beautifull moonlight. The moon and the clouds move on the sky and gives a sense of happiness and tranquility.
It reminds me of the innocent romances when i was a kid, holding hands with my best friend/girlfriend on those warm summer nights , where time stood still and everything is perfect and innocent.
So to me its not a live wallpaper, its a poem 🙂

You can also create stars when you touch the screen. Also if you double tap the screen you can share a screenshot. So you can write a message with stars and then send to your friends!! try it!!


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