Battery HD Free

Battery HD Free is the most original LiveWP that show important info of battery

Battery HD Free is the most cool , original and usefull Live Wallpaper that show important infos of your device’s battery , like percentage(More in the “PRO HD” version).

Search in the market for “My Battery PRO HD” for full and cool features(Ver. 2.0 NEW!!! option for full battery infos!). Now with “MOVE TO SD” OPTION

Main features :

1) Always active in backgound in every pages of your device
2) Show the charge percentual with a graph liquid
3) Show the charge percentual with Percentage value (0-100%)
4) Text Color customizable.
5) Supplementary Animation during the charging.
6) Green-Orange-Red smile faces indicating the health of the battery
7) Warning message in case of Low battery.

8*) Show the battery temperature with a colored thermometer and number value.
9*) Full Liquid colors customizable.
10*) Warning message in case of High Temp Battery
11*) NEW!!! option for full battery infos!

* Only in the “PRO HD” Version.

Please consider to buy the PRO version in order to help us to add more features in the next updates.

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Please report by email any problem occurence, this will help us to fix eventual problems for particular devices, thanks!!!

The device has been tested on different devices and different resolutions.

We have received comments on wallpapers not working on their particular phones. Unfortunately, some phone are not compatible with live wallpapers, please check the web to see if yours is compatible.
If you get any error other than those stated below, please let me know so that we can look into the problem.

*** “HTC Wildfire” does not support Live Wallpapers.

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