Autumn Live Wallpaper

Golden Autumn – sun, trees, amazing autumn foliage above a peaceful lake. Great!

Autumn Live Wallpaper: Finally! Real Trees, Real Lake, rippling water, and interaction! Really there in Golden Autumn Time! The best Fall Season Live Wallpaper!

Enjoy a sunny autumn day, feel free, write something on the sign, send a postcard home. Relax, discover this most beautiful and serene nature place. Feel the warm breeze in the air, the clear blue water, the quiet happiness of this amazing spot.

And watch the autumn foliage, the beautiful golden sunset, the gorgeous full moon and serene dawn. All this is provided by the full version of the Season Fall Live Wallpaper! And much more, like, leaves that appear where you touch the sky, an alarm clock that wakes you up with golden light of autumn sunrays, and plenty of configuration options, too. Please have a look at Season Fall Live Wallpaper Pro in the Google Play market.

This fall season live wallpaper is supported by banner ads in the settings menu (therefore we need the internet permission). The Animated Autumn Wallpaper supports home screen scrolling on all (!) devices and operates smoothly and with very low power consumption on all tested tablets and smartphones. Naturally, the fall wallpaper can be installed/moved to SD-Card and comes with full support for landscape mode, home screen switching and all available mobile phones (Android version 2.1-4.1+) and screen resolutions.

Extra features of the full version of this live wallpaper:
– Full moon and stars at night over the autumn background.
– Beautiful autumn leaves gently falling down and flowing in the soft wind.
– Freely choose the color of your messages on the sign!
– Select ‘mood’ color to give the whole scene your own touch.
– Touch the sky to put colorful autumn leaves into the sky!
– fascinating storm of foliage when shaking the phone for true autumn feeling.
– Scenic sunrise and sunset.
– Settings for mood of tranquil dawn and dusk (feel the freedom! feel the calmness! feel Zen!).
– innovative alarm clock: this autumn wallpaper wakes you with the light of sunrise!
– Plenty of cool configuration options for personalization. Choose yourself what you really want to see!
– Elaborate background logic.

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