Asian Flower Wallpaper Pro

Asian Flower Wallpaper Pro Live Wallpaper
Asian Flower Wallpaper Pro 7

Elegant combination of abstract background with Asian style flowers. Touch any flower and watch beautiful effects spread on your screen. The background color and the particles in the Magic Touch effects are customizable.
Ad-Free, and with a selection of 21 background colors and 12 different particles that let you personalize your Live Wallpaper to suit your taste and mood.
Please try our Free version (9 background colors and 6 different particles) before purchasing:
Supports both landscape and portrait views, and is optimized for tablets.
This app sleeps when you phone/tablet is idle/stand-by, for optimal battery usage.
The Asian Flower Wallpaper Free has been tested and performs well on devices running Android versions 2.3.3 to 4.4.
KNOWN ISSUE: Samsung devices with KitKat 4.4.2 show a black screen after setting the Live Wallpaper. However, everything works normally after a device restart.
1. To set: Home => Menu => Wallpapers => Live Wallpapers
2. Scroll down and find “Asian Flower Wallpaper Pro”, select it and click “Set”
3. To customize settings: Double-Tap on the Home screen to open the Settings menu
4. To set color: Click Color and select a color, and then, click on either the Back or Home button
– Android Live Wallpapers must be installed in the internal memory, in order to operate properly. If they are moved to SD card, they will reset to default whenever the device is restarted, or connected to PC with USB cable. For this reason our Free Live Wallpaper is set to install in internal memory by default.
– We have included the Double-Tap feature (step 3 of the instructions) for quickly and easily changing the Settings without it restarting.

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