Aquarium Live Wallpaper
Aquarium 7

Beautify your mobile with free aquarium live wallpaper.
Aquarium Live wallpaper is specially created with high quality aquarium background images, realistic fish animations, floating bubbles and much more.
Moving fishes and floating bubbles looks like Real Aquarium.
If Fish Touch Enable Then When You Touch the fish it swim fast then normally .
Fish Turn Left or Right Randomaly.
Various Type of Bubble comming from bottom
This Free wallpaper has Various Premium features like:
1.Set the Fish swimming animation speed
2.Set size of fishes.
3.Set the type of aquarium backgrounds like ocean, sea and aqua plants backgrounds.
4.Control the Fish Touch Facility

How To use:
Long Press on Home Screen: -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select “Free Live Wallpaper” from the list -> Set as Wallpaper.

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