Abstract Live Wallpaper
Abstract 7

A fully featured and ad-free interactive live wallpaper based on an abstract/sacred geometry design.

****Note about the video:
The purple represents when I touched the screen, and is of course not in the wallpaper itself. Also of note, any choppiness in the animation and movement is caused by the phone screen recording software, all movement on the wallpaper itself is smooth.****

****Also of note:
The background is an image which is available as a free desktop computer wallpaper on a multitude of websites. I take no credit for it, my additions are all things animated and or interactive. If you happen to purchase a full version, you are paying for the interactivity itself, and my work put into it, not the background image.****

This is a live wallpaper, not an app. There will be no icon installed on your home screen, you have to go into the live wallpaper menu to set it. Long touch on home screen—>wallpapers—>live wallpapers****

As with all my wallpapers:
–no ads–
–no push notifications–
–no encroaching permissions–

This is my stand as a developer, and as someone who is simply fed up with these invasive things being hidden in so many applications. Personally, I fail to see why any wallpaper, or the great majority of apps for that matter, would need to access your call or text log, find all accounts on your device, read your contacts, etc. Always look through the permissions list before you install any app; you’ll be surprised at just how prevalent these things are across the market.

So please, if you find a wallpaper that you like very much, consider buying the full version to support this stand. After all, no ads = no money for what equals out to being quite a lot of time and effort. Thank you, rant completed.
This is the full version, which has a full range of options. In the full version settings, you can change the amount, speed, and direction of the moving items. You can also enable options like scroll lock, disable interactivity, set a hit counter, set the frame rate, etc.

Thanks for looking, please rate after usage, let me know of any issues, and check out my other live wallpapers!

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