3D Balloons

3D Balloons Live Wallpaper
3D Balloons 7

With 3D Balloons Live Wallpaper you can have vivid and colourful hot air balloons rising on your mobile screens.
Hot air balloons in brilliant colors lay joy and excitement upon us just as they fly by the sky.
Create an enjoyable background for your phone with multiple or uni coloured 3D air balloons.
Watching your mobile screen would always be delighful in this amazing wallpaper.
Customize the air balloons with Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green 6 brilliant colors!
Make your screen look more interesting with beautiful rainbow amidst pretty air balloons.
Have fun rotating the sky with touch gestures!
How to use:
Tap set as wallpaper and select 3D balloons
Tap settings to choose the balloon color
Check the rainbow box if you want it appear
Set it as wallpaper

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